About Us


E-Waste management is a significant concern for many developing countries, including India. This is rapidly becoming a major public concern that is only getting worse. It is critical to link the informal and formal sectors to collect, adequately handle, and dispose of e-waste, as well as divert it from traditional landfills and open burning.

With a noble vision of revolutionizing the education sector of E-Waste Management toward a sustainable and circular economy, VANSi International Institute of E-Waste management was introduced in bridging the gap and imparting the technical skills required to create a skilled workforce for a sustainable society.

The Institute offers professional certification courses with an aim to inculcate the global best practices into the minds of our stakeholders and transform the E-Waste industry.

Our expert faculty have decades of experience in practising and imparting knowledge in e-Waste Management, circular economy, sustainability and are spread across the globe.