Getting trained at VANS-IIEM will give you much more than a certificate or a diploma. When you join us, you’ll enjoy a vibrant atmosphere, countless networking opportunities and many other benefits. Learn more info below.


VANSi-International Institute of e-Waste Management possesses the skills that is required for you to take a leap ahead in your career. Our programs are tailored to enhance your skill in various sectors of e-Waste Management like Sustainability, Circular Economy, Net Zero Initiatives, Policy Compliance Sectors, etc. Contact us to know more!


Explore the abundant opportunities for entrepreneurs in various sectors like Dismantling, Repair, Refurbishment, Re-marketing, Recycling, ITAD, ITAM etc.! Our Professional Certification Courses are designed to make sure you achieve your dreams of being an entrepreneur in the field of e-Waste Management. Get in touch today to speak with one of our team members.
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Nothing makes us more proud than watching young minds thrive and achieve their goals. Our long term professional certification courses are designed to bring out the innovation and creativity amongst all, drawing individuals of all types with an intent to pursue a career in e-Waste recycling plants, compliance divisions, technological areas etc., To learn more contact us today.